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Ken Weatherford

I am going to add my two-cents worth. You never see the pros cancelling their tournaments, unless they cannot play at all. Wonder if the sponsors get their money back? lol I have never seen a sports event, concert, on any other venue where the sponsor keeps everything when the event is not held. The WAM is the only place I know of. I believe Covid is an except, rather than the rule. Rain is an act of God, at least to those that are believers. Rain, to me, is just an event that occurs due to climate change and our own pollution. Covid-19 is not our fault, nor do I consider it an act of God. I believe it is an act of man. Anyway, my point is that there should be no reason to not credit players’ entries towards the next year, if the event is not held at all. We all spend a lot of money for the event, not to mention airfare, accomodations, food, and entertainment to be in Myrtle Beach. Not getting a refund, or at least a credit of some kind, is a real slap in the face when people are already hurting financially. If it happens to me, I won’t participate anymore. I can find a lot of other tournaments to travel to and play in, without losing my money.

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