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Tommy Briggs

Michael I live in North Florida in an extremely rural community, mostly milk and produce farms. Covid 19 is something we watch when the national news comes on because there is no local news coverage because it is basically non-existent here.

In South Florida exists the hottest hot spot in the country. I think every time a city or state relaxes their rules about masks, distancing and all there appears to be a spike and increase in cases. For that reason I think we are going to see more cautionary steps taken than a relaxation. I hate it, I would rather play in the rain than keep the flag in the whole round. Personally I also think you can grab the flag with a disinfectant wipe to take it out and replace it. But I also understand the minute they make that rule, someone forgets their wipe and there is no rule. Where I live every other ad on TV is from a lawyers office, so in this day and age everyone is going to be overly cautious.

There will come a time when I become more accepting of change, but for now due to my old age and my general lack of patience I will continue to bitch about the changes this pandemic is causing me.

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