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David Bey

Getting ready for my 1st WA and have been establishing my GHIN for the past year. Over the past 2 months. to prep for the WA I’ve been playing the ball down and putting everything out. This has definitely added at least a stroke or 2 to every round. Even though my true handicap has risen a bit of late I will be playing with a lower number based on gimmies and rolling the ball in the fairway from previously submitted rounds. I have no problem with this and realize I wasn’t scoring as well as I had assumed. My point is that I’m sure I’m not the only golfer guilty of this. So, if you play way better than your hdcp I can understand why some eyebrows will be raised. I would think that most players will have higher scores than usual at the WA. The courses are more difficult and less familiar than most home courses. You are playing at sea level, so the ball doesn’t fly as far. The pressure of playing in a stroke play tourney without a partner or team to pick you up. The only exception would be if you were recovering from an injury and your handicap doesn’t reflect it – there should be a way to remedy this or just enter the gross division. There’s always going to be sandbaggers in every golf tournament – I’m glad they have a way of finding the cheats, but hope they don’t DQ legitimate players.

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